The subjects in my videos are the same as in photography: the nature surrounding me, everyday life and traveling. It's often just for fun and to remember moments later on...
Places change and people die, but we still have our videos...

Hau-hau karvan verran......!
Collaboration with Lea-Sisko Pasanen to her exhibition 2005.
Rest in peace Pinja (2002-2012).

Life of the squirrels
I followed a baby squirrel's and it's parents life for a few spring days...

Pheasants in the yard
At the warm spring day these pheasants enjoyed their time in my front yard.
And I had fun!


I bought my first guitar when I was sixteen, a twelve-string acoustic. If you guess that I couldn’t even tune it, you’d be right! I wanted to have a girl band, but since things didn't turn out that way, I played all of the instruments by myself with the help of a four-track recorder and a drum machine. When I got involved with computers (and it's still serious) my instruments naturally became digital. Electronic music and sound is a fascinating world.
All music copyrighted. Distribution is prohibited without prior consent. ENJOY!


Here you can find some wallpapers: