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  CV (Curriculum Vitae)
Diary of a hand   Curriculum Vitae
Basically there is a need, an urge - a need to do something with your hands, to draw and use color, to express yourself. It has nothing to do with wanting to be accepted, to be loved, to make a career as a visual artist with the fame and fortune, or even to communicate with other people. A need for art and visual expression is a basic need.

Themes for the pictures come from life - my own memories as a child, what being a female in our society means, images from commercials and ads and how they try to make an impact, a history of the western world is inspiring as well as its politics. Easy digital manipulation questions any "truths" in the image, and futuristic visions keep compelling my mind.

I've been making pictures all my life, first drawings and paintings, now digital works. A paintbrush turned into the computer. Art school prepared me to work with discipline and a critical eye, life has taught me to appreciate its multiple forms and differences. I've used many different kinds of materials in my work, as the pictures show.