Design work

The Internet has been a passion for me for a long time. To think how people are connected around the world, have their own say and are more or less equal in this "virtual reality" is fascinating... And I wanted to leave my mark.

I've been working as a web and graphic designer for over ten years and also worked as a freelance and visual artist. A graphic designer's work includes all kind of digital and printed media. It often includes designing a company's identity, from logo to business cards, website layouts and basic material like templates for a letter, invoice, envelope and PowerPoint presentations. Then comes brochures, ads for magazines, posters and different kinds of exhibition stands for expo purposes...

I've also done multimedia projects, like combining sound and video with texts and images, including interactive CDs and Flash-interfaces and -websites, as well as the presentations for wide-screen shows or a client introduction for the variety of monitor sizes. Icons, start screens and other User Interface materials for web and program solutions have also been done for some clients.

One of the interesting part of this work is a chance to collaborate with different kinds of people and to get to know the varied fields that the companies and associations represent. References of my professional work are on the Portfolio -site (in Finnish).

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