About me

Sometimes people call me stubborn, but I think it's just a strength that the women in my family have.  It's this Finnish sisu (spunk or guts of sorts) that won't let you stop until the work is done and you know you did your best.

I'm from Finland, Scandinavia, and I currently live in the southwest part of the country. I graduated in 1993 from the art school Turun piirustuskoulu. Since then I've worked as an independent artist.

In 1995 I was drawn to the Internet and computers, and in 1997 I got my first computer. With the experience came the challenges and possibilities of multimedia, and in 2001 I graduated as a media assistant. I've purposefully sought knowledge and education in the field, as this ever-challenging profession often requires. In my life I've had many jobs and worked in many places, among others at a print house, music studio, advertising and web companies and many more. I've gained experience and knowledge about processing and delivering both digital and printed media.

As an artist, I'm extremely visual and am able to work and make decisions independently, but life has taught to work with people, consider larger constructions and work together for common objectives. I'm quick to absorb new information and my wide range of interests in multimedia have helped to thrive in my professional life, even when updating information, and new formats seem to be more important than content itself.
Anne Jokisaari